FIRST presents its Simulation Training Programs in Fetal Medicine, IVF and Reproduction at the XI Ferring Fertility Symposium in Malaga

The coordinators of the medical area Pascual Sánchez and international Fernando Sánchez, accompanied by the laboratory area teacher Marta Martínez participate in one of the main scientific forums on Assisted Human Reproduction.

First Simulation built a space to promote its philosophy which, as the team itself commented at the event, is “to teach as we would have liked to learn.” Through virtual reality and simulation, several professionals attending the congress received continuous feedback during the performance of procedures related to Fetal Medicine and Reproductive Medicine in a safe and risk-free environment.

In this eleventh edition, more than 300 reproductive medicine professionals have been cited and have discussed aspects such as artificial intelligence, big data and virtual simulation.

This is yet another scientific forum where FIRST creates a personalized space and showcases its learning person to person.