FIRST collaborates in the IAREPRO PHASE II Project: Using Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Assisted Reproduction

FIRST is pleased to participate in the IAREPRO PHASE II project, a collaboration with On Tech Innovation, Solutia Digital Health, Ubliz y la Universidad de Sevilla aimed at overcoming current challenges in assisted reproduction.

Colaboradores Proyecto IAREPRO II

Despite advances in reproductive medicine, success rates and complications associated with treatments require significant improvements. IAREPRO PHASE II focuses on the development of an advanced technological solution, using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize decision-making in fertility treatments, promising to transform clinical practice through personalization and precision in treatments.

Innovations and developments

The project is advancing on three key fronts:

  • Decision Optimization: Improve clinical decision making by providing accurate estimates of the success of each treatment, benefiting both professionals and patients.
  • Early Pregnancy Prognosis: Use AI to identify early indicators of biochemical pregnancies, allowing for personalized and timely interventions.
  • Treatment Personalization: Determine the most appropriate treatment for each couple based on detailed analysis, setting a new standard in personalized care.

The main idea is to not only transform the effectiveness of fertility treatments, but also to set new precedents in their care and support.

Impact and objectives

The project seeks to achieve important milestones:

  • Increase pregnancy rates and minimize complications in clinics that implement these tools.
  • Reduce medical costs and expand access to fertility treatments, with a positive impact on the sociodemographic level.
  • Introduce an innovative digital solution based on AI, compatible with different Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, with the potential for international adoption.

FIRST’s participation in IAREPRO PHASE II reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in reproductive medicine, marking a step forward toward improving outcomes for families seeking to fulfill their reproductive desire.


Initiative financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the AEI support program to contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Reference: AEI-010500-2023-31