"Teaching the way we would have liked to have learned"

Simulation Training Centre
Fetal, IVF and Reproduction

Clinical simulations reduce professionals’ stress and anxiety levels by allowing them to make mistakes and perform procedures an unlimited number of times without putting patients at risk.

Training Areas:

Laboratory Area

Laboratory Area

Simulation training program in clinical embryology, making it possible to acquire and perfect advanced laboratory techniques.

ICSI, IMSI, vitrification and embryo biopsy.

Area of Reproductive Medicine

Training program to develop the technical competencies of Reproductive Medicine.

Egg retrieval, Egg retrieval and Embryo Transfer.

Area of Fetal Therapy

Simulation training program in invasive procedures and intrauterine fetal therapy techniques.

Cordocentesis and Amniocentesis, Chorion Biopsy and Amniocentesis.

Technical Competencies

Time Lapse, Handling Advanced Ultrasound Systems.

Our courses are being accredited by the Health Quality Agency of Andalusia.

Step by step

Welcome to a new model of teaching and learning. At our centre we strive to develop and maintain technical competencies, with individual and personalised tutoring, by acquiring them through training and simulation in a safe environment.

To achieve this, the different procedures are divided into steps to improve the quality and standardization of instruction and assessment.