Person-to-person learning,
step by step

A model that securely verifies the standardisation of implemented skills.

The Simulation and Virtual Reality Programs in Reproductive Medicine and Fetal Therapy offer professionals in training and specialists the opportunity to learn and practice procedures of varying difficulty an unlimited number of times in a safe and risk-free environment.

This way, any technical skill can be acquired and evaluated, from a fetoscope to an embryo biopsy.

The student receives constant feedback while performing the procedure under the supervision of an expert instructor, thus encouraging the development of the cognitive and motor abilities needed to dominate these techniques.

A medical and laboratory
training centre

The first simulation centre for reproductive medicine in Spain.

FIRST was born in 2018, becoming the first simulation center for the development of competencies in Reproductive Medicine and Fetal Therapy and Medicine in Spain.

The centre is in the process of becoming accredited by the Society for Simulation in Europe (SESAM).

Backed by experience

Our Team:

Guillermo Antiñolo Gil

Area of Innovation

Pascual Sánchez Martín

Corporate Area

Juan Carlos García Lozano

Medical Area

Marta Martínez Sáez

Laboratory Area

Ángel Chimenea Toscano

Medical Area