Cordocentesis and Amniocentesis

Simulation Program in Fetal Therapy and Medicine

Cordocentesis is an ultrasound guided puncture of the umbilical cord to extract and analyse a fetal blood sample. The technique is performed from week 18+0 of gestation or after.

The indications for this procedure include the assessment of a fetal haematology (study of fetal anaemia), the study of chromosomal mosaicism following amniocentesis or the study of structural defects and hydrops (study of fetal infection).

There’s a consensus among the major associations and international societies (ISUOG, NICE), that the experience of the individual performing the procedure is a crucial factor when it comes to success rates and prevention of fetal death. In addition, obtaining experience in this field is often quite difficult as most clinics only perform this procedure a few times per year. Thus, there’s widespread agreement that the recommendation is to undergo training using simulation models.

Even experienced professionals are advised to perform at least 30 procedures per year in order to maintain their skills, a number which is unfathomable for the majority of professionals, thus making advanced training models a necessity.

Therefore, training in the performance of cordocentesis is essential to good clinical practice and optimisation of results.

This course also includes advanced training in performing amniocentesis.

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